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    RT @BabblingHook: Hunting Infant Photo Prop by BabblingHook http://t.co/1dPIwYRuwf via @Etsy #circle1 #hunting #baby #shower gift

    Twitter: @vintagevixen111

    Seeing your smile is happiness for me. Meanwhile, having you is the most beautiful gift in my life ~Yoong~

    Twitter: @Deer_YoonaGG_RP

    I almost just pooped my trousers. I was walking back to my car on campus, when suddenly 4 deer came jogging past me. I'll admit I squealed.

    Twitter: @Blamphe

    RT @lezboobs: What is your attitude towards hunting? — sweet http://t.co/rFwYC62NCk

    Twitter: @tropicandyce

    Not ever1 can. Write. A poem'probably every1 can write deer story!gÖ̤̣̇Ö̤̣̇∂. Morning!

    Twitter: @Ben_awfa